LR Selector

A brandable, responsive web application for choosing interior lighting products

Lighting Selector Web Application

Lighting Reality are a business based in Stourport who build software for lighting design. They needed a brandable web application to help installers pick suitable lighting products for a room based on luminaire calculations.

The problem

Different rooms have vastly different lighting requirements, making it hard for installers to specify optimal lighting products to correctly illuminate the space. Each luminaire has unique characteristics which makes it hard to purchase the correct number of fittings for a room.

The solution

We built a responsive web application which can be branded and sold to different manufacturers and distributors, to perform lighting estimations using their products.

The application allows an installer to input room dimensions, the use case of the room and optional data such as the reflectance characteristics and target illuminance.

The products are fetched from a database, filtered down and lighting estimations are calculated using the luminaire data.

Lighting reports can be emailed to enable installers to present products to their customer, including key details such as the number of fixtures required and the total power consumption.

Lighting Selector Calculations

How WebHQ helped

  • We broke the project into phases

We helped Lighting Reality identify their initial requirements to produce a minimum viable product, which we scoped into several phases of work.

We’ve completed 3 phases of work, and worked on 2 spin-off projects.

  • We coded the solution using familiar frameworks

We built the solution using C# and React, making it easy for their in-house team to develop and support the product in the future.

  • We designed a site to help book demos

We designed a sales page to help present the MVP to book demonstration calls – you can view the page here.


“Dan and his team have done a great job at planning and building our new product. They’ve built the application we had in mind and worked with our partners to integrate the calculations for lighting. It was built on time and within budget.”

– Richard Hall, Director at Lighting Reality

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