Pick & Mix Planners

A bespoke web application to help customers build and download digital planners

Pick n Mix Planners Journal Builder

The problem

Stourport-based entrepreneurs Alex and Russell have been successfully selling digital planners for some time on Etsy. They wanted a website to enable customers to customise their digital planners from a large set of variations.

Google Drive was providing a poor user experience for downloading digital planners and optional extras such as stickers.

Pick n Mix Planners - Planner Builder

The solution

We built a web application which guides customers through the several stages of building a digital planner and provides a simple interface to download files.

We’ve since built a bespoke journal builder and added sales and support pages to further support their business.

The feedback

“We approached WebHQ in February as we needed a website to help our customers build their own digital planners. Our planners have thousands of options and variations, which means our customers can create a planner perfect for their needs. As you can imagine we needed to automate this as much as possible and make sure the user experience was perfect. Working with Dan has been a great experience. He is always professional and he’s helped us come up with so many great ideas. We are thrilled with our website and look forward to working with Dan for all our future website needs.”

– Alexander Mason

Why build a bespoke web application?

It may have been possible to build the planner builder by customising WordPress with plugins and adding some custom code, but we feared that could become temperamental down the road.

We coded the planner builder using React so that we could easily maintain it, with no reliance on third parties for updates.

Try the builder out for yourself