The key to a successful website redesign

Already got a website? There are a few things to consider before jumping into a website redesign project. 

You’re likely looking for a fixed price to build your next website, which means some key planning and due diligence needs to be done before deciding on pages and content. This is to ensure you don’t disappear from search engines.

What services do you want to offer in 2 years?

Not the easiest of questions to answer, but knowing what services you ultimately want to offer will help plan out your new website. An effective website will take people through a journey that helps promote your services.

It can take 6 months or more for search engines to start indexing new pages. This means it could take 6-12 months for your new service page to appear for local Google searches.

Equally, a new website might be the chance to stop advertising any services which you won’t want to offer in 6-12 months time.

Are any pages doing well on search engines?

We often have to keep search engines happy when rebuilding websites. If a client has a page which is doing well on Google, such as ‘’, it’s really important that we build a similar page on the new website with an identical URL and similar content. This reduces the chance of it dropping down the search results.

Equally, some pages might not be doing as well as you’d like. In that case, we’d advise putting more effort into redesigning those pages to please search engines.

Reckon your website is doing well on search engines? It may be worth paying for an SEO audit before considering a website redesign.

How do you want the website to function in your business?

Do you want to use the new website to get new sales online, or just to act as an online brochure?