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Keeping your website hosted, updated and dialled in for search engines.

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Helping you focus on your business

We’ve crafted our care plans to look after your hosting, security updates, content changes and monitoring of your website. This allows you to spend more time creating great content and running your business, and less time fighting update issues.

The benefits of a WebHQ care plan

Optimised UK hosting

Your website will be hosted on servers located in the UK to maximise speed and comply with the GDPR.

We’ll take care of installing security updates on the server, your website and its contents. We’ll test your site after running updates to check that no issues have been introduced.

Dedicated support

We’re in your corner each month to make any content changes you require. Frequent content updates show your customers and search engines that you’re actively working on your website and business.

All text gets correctly formatted and images get resized and compressed to keep your website running quickly.

Proper backups

Your hard work is protected from software bugs, malware and accidental mistakes with our 3-2-1 backup strategy.

Your website is backed up daily to a different server, and we store copies of the backups off-site to defend against malware.

Want to grow online?

Our growth care plan is designed to drive more results from your website each month.

We look for trends on your pages and make improvements to help you:

Get found by more search engines

Keep visitors around for longer

Get more visitors to take action

Great care for an affordable price

We purposely keep our care plan prices affordable to help clients protect and grow their websites. Our care plans start at £74 per month.

“I know that everything is well organised and secure, so I can focus on content and business development. They provide excellent advice and respond very quickly when I have a question. It’s unusual to find a website firm like this that genuinely treats you like a customer and focuses on what your business needs.”

Nick Lynn

Founder, EX Leadership

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own hosting?

We can look after websites that you host.

Can I use automatic updates?

We’ve noticed issues with automatic updates in the past. To avoid issues with pages not loading, contact forms not working and more, we manually run and test updates to ensure your site works as expected.

Do you look after sites you haven't built?

Yes, we’re happy to host and take care of sites we haven’t built. We charge a £97 onboarding fee to cover a security audit of your current site, before transferring it to our hosting.

Dan Cook - Director at WebHQ

Dan Cook – Director and Founder

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